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Down the Pub with the Hope History Club

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Our new Hope History Club met for the first time on Zoom last Wednesday and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours reminiscing about lost Grimsby and Cleethorpes watering holes.

The Hope History Club is another new project that we have started since receiving funding from North East Lincolnshire Council to help support clinically vulnerable people locally.

Sylv shared some research that she'd done and then we went through a slideshow of old pub photos put together by Rach, which triggered some really great memories. It was very interesting learning what some of the group got up to in their younger days, but we promise we won't use the information to blackmail them!

The first session was mainly about the buildings and their locations and trying to pinpoint where they were in what is a vastly changed landscape. If you aren't old enough to remember Grimsby before the building of the flyover and the destruction of the town centre, it's hard to get your head around. I'm not quite sure why I look so mardy in the picture, but chances are we were talking about the local planners who decimated Grimsby in the last century. Don't get me started on the Corn Exchange and the ugly excuses for architecture that replaced it and other beautiful buildings in the town!

Our next session will be on Wednesday 29th September, 2-4pm when we'll be taking a virtual trip inside the pubs and talking about the food and drink, music and entertainment and no doubt the bad behaviour that went on in our lost watering holes. If you'd like to join us, please contact us using the Get in Touch button below.

Last but not least, the Hope History Club now has its own page on this website, where we'll be sharing our research as we go along. Click on the link to visit the page.

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