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Getting All Fired Up About Safety in the Home

Recently on our Hope Social Zoom, we were very pleased to have Nicky from Humberside Fire and Rescue as our guest speaker. She gave us lots of great advice and useful information about how to prevent fires in the home and how to be prepared in case the worst happens.

One thing that was news to a lot of us is that the emergency services now use the what3words app as a means of getting an accurate location for people in need of help, so it's useful to have it on your mobile, especially as some satnavs can be a bit dodgy when it comes to finding addresses.

Humberside Fire and Rescue's website has information about all aspects of safety in the home on it and you can also find out more about the great work they do in the community, helping to keep us all safe.

We've also got a link to their website on our Local Links page, where you'll find information about other great local services and organisations.

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