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Goodbye and thank you Mr Q!

As well as saying goodbye to Kylie this month, we've sadly also had to bid farewell to Pam and Kylie's manager Andy Quigley, who has left Care Plus Group for pastures new.

For more than a decade Andy, pictured here with Pam, Gemma and Kylie when Hope triumphed at the HSJ Awards in 2013, has been an incredibly supportive manager to all of us at Hope and has embraced the fact that we do things differently, never trying to fit our hexagonal (think bees and honeycombs) peg into a round hole.

Andy's not just a brilliant manager, but also a brilliant human being and we're sure that he will shine brightly in his new role. At a leaving do last week, he was presented with vouchers and a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot by his friends at Care Plus Group. Good job I wasn't the one buying the bottle, as I always thought he was more of a Bacardi Boy!

All the best Andy - we will really miss you!

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