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It's been eighteen months since we published our first Hope Times and in all that time the front cover has been little changed, reflecting that the majority of us have been working or volunteering from home and meeting up in 2D on Zoom.

Happily, issue 11's cover reflects the light at the end of the tunnel. Although things are still going to be different for some time to come, we got our space back at the Val Waterhouse Centre at the end of September and we're starting to see patients there again, albeit in a small way for now.

As well as the good news about our return to VWC, issue 11 also features the return of Sylv's classes and Piscatorial Codgers, the Hope Choir's crowd-attracting performances at People's Park, the Handmade by Hope Art Group's latest glass painting project and the Hope History Club's launch and some research on lost town centre pubs that will hopefully bring back some memories.

There's also hellos and goodbyes, volunteer stories and of course our now not-so isolated newsletter wouldn't be the same without Jim's brain teasers.

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