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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Yes, it's that time again, or should that be times? Yes, issue ten of the Hope Times is here to help you get over the disappointment of Wembley heartbreak. Ok, so maybe that's pushing the power of the Hope Times a bit, but it will give you something to read in your lunch break or distract you as you're crying into your mid-morning cuppa, so all is not lost.

In issue ten we have some brilliant volunteer stories, updates on what we've been getting up to online and occasionally in 3D, our new Preparing for Summer leaflet (no, it doesn't include an umbrella and wellies - it's an optimistic yet cautious leaflet), the latest COVID advice, Summer Brainteasers (again, not about wellies, there's sandals instead!) and an article combining both local history and gardening that takes you back to Grimsby in the 1890s.

What more do you want? An England win? Sorry, we're Hope, not miracle workers.

Hope Newsletter Edition 10
Download PDF • 4.33MB

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