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Jim, with fellow PR Buddy Maggie

Jim Finney first came to the Hope Specialist Respiratory Service in July 2008 and joined the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme a month later. He has now been a volunteer with Hope for more than twelve years.

“After being diagnosed with COPD, I was referred to Hope Street for rehab. After the rehab I was so impressed that I felt that I should give something back to help the organisation. At first, I was not sure about the role of a buddy, so instead I assisted Claire with the Breathe Easy group, which was affiliated to the British Lung Foundation. We provided support and social activities for patients and I found this very rewarding.

When Claire gave up her role I took over, but after some time I realised that being affiliated to

Jim on duty at the Hope Social

the BLF restricted what we were able to do, so we opted out and the Hope Social Group was formed to provide a way for patients to socialise after treatment, thus staying in touch with the Hope family.

By this time, I had already become a Pulmonary Rehab Buddy and the whole experience was so worthwhile that I felt that I was able to make a useful contribution. Later, after a mild stroke, Hope again came to my rescue, urging me to take a Falls Rehab course, which helped my recovery enormously.

All Smiles - Buddying in Remote Rehab

I became a volunteer to give thanks for what Hope had done for me after being diagnosed with COPD, but in a way, Hope has given me far more than I have given them and I hope that I may continue to support for some time to come, as it gives me a purpose.”

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