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Making a donation to the Hope Street Trust just got easier

Donating online to a charity should be easy - find their website or Facebook page, click on the very obvious "make a donation" link/button and you're away. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. I spent ages recently, trying to find a way to donate online to a couple of local charities and in the end I just gave up and donated to other charities instead.

Then I thought about the new Hope Street Trust website and how easy it was to donate through it and I realised that, whilst it was dead simple to buy raffle tickets or a Hope Street Trust membership, making a donation wasn't a case of a couple of clicks and you're done.

Well, now it is. If you visit the Hope Street Trust website, you'll now see the "Make a donation to the Hope Street Trust" orange button on the homepage (see picture above). Click on that and it takes you to our Paypal donation page.

This isn't a sneaky Christmas appeal for donations, well not unless you too have been having trouble giving your money away. But there are so many worthy causes, both local and national, that we need to be waiting with open arms (or a bright orange button in this case) if some kind person decides they want to give our charity their hard-earned cash and now we are.

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