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Martin's Story

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Martin on duty in Remote Rehab with Technical Instructor Phil and patient Andrea

Martin Daly, a.k.a. Sailor, is one of our volunteer multi-taskers. He’s a Pulmonary Rehab Buddy, helps to put new patients at ease in his role as a pre-assessment clinic Buddy and is also one of our Hope Street Trust trustees. As well as his Remote Rehab buddying duties, he was one of our gang of four volunteers who took part in a successful trial run of Rehab Plus online before it was opened up to a wider audience and is a regular at our weekly Hope Social meet ups on Zoom.

Here’s his story:

"I started my adventure at Hope Street Clinic on 27th November 2014. I decided to become a volunteer due to the wonderful, caring Hope team, who were so friendly, kind and helpful. I enjoyed meeting people of all races, ages and genders and the buddy who took me through my 8-week course encouraged me to carry on, as did the marvellous technical instructors, assistants and other staff.

On trial - Martin taking part in our Remote Rehab Plus pilot

What volunteering means to me is being able to give something back to help the staff and patients. I normally help in the COPD Pre-assessment clinics and I find it rewarding, meeting wonderful, caring people with amazing stories about what they have achieved and done. I’m really looking forward to the clinics and gym starting again at the Val Waterhouse Centre."

The pre-lockdown look - Martin with TI Charlotte and his partner in crime, fellow Buddy Fred at Hope Fest in 2019

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