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Thumbs up from the Remote Falls Rehab team

Sue Weavers started volunteering as a Falls Buddy the month before we went into lockdown. Here’s her story:

“After attending the Falls Rehab programme at the end of 2019, I was so grateful to everyone connected to the programme that I wanted to do something to say thank you. The results I achieved from attending the Falls Rehab programme were absolutely amazing and becoming a volunteer was my way of saying thank you.

It has made a great difference to me. Originally I volunteered in-house, meeting patients and explaining to them what my experience of being in a falls group meant to me.

I re-joined Falls Rehab when it started again on Zoom. This was so welcome and the difference it made to me, mentally and personally, was amazing.

After my first Zoom meeting my son said to me,

All smiles - Sue in Remote Falls

“Mum, what have you done? You sound so positive now and it’s like I have got my mum back.”

I had not realised how much lockdown had affected me and again I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing service and for everything I have learned and experienced from being a part of it. No words can ever express my sincere gratitude to everyone and everything involved with Hope.”

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