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Sunshine and Rainbows Created at Virtual Arts and Crafts Session

Last week, we held our first arts and crafts session funded by the grant we received from North East Lincolnshire Council to support clinically vulnerable people in North East Lincolnshire.

The session, held on Zoom, involved glass painting. Our face to face arts and crafts sessions normally involve everyone sitting round a big table and sharing materials, but obviously this wasn't possible, so some of the share of the funding allocated to arts and crafts has been used to purchase glass painting sets, brushes, palettes and acetate sheets.

Rach created designs and did all the outlining work prior to the sessions, as people often struggle to use the tube outliners if they have arthritis or other issues with their hands. Then the acetate panels and painting supplies were delivered to the other participants - Jools, Chris, Linda, Dee, Anne, Pam (ably assisted by Phoebe) and Sylv - by our trusty Hope drivers, Mandy and Steve.

Whilst some of the group had been involved in our previous glass painting projects, for a few it was a new experience and took some getting used to. With mainly primary colours to work with, we had to remember the colour mixing combinations we learned in our school days!

The designs are nature-orientated, featuring sunshine, rainbows, birds, bees, flowers, blues skies and greenery and once finished the acetate rectangles will be joined together to make four large panels that will cover each of the windows in our annexe at the Val Waterhouse Centre. We hope that they will really lift the spirits of anyone who sees them and the aim is to have them all in place by mid-October, when we are scheduled to start face to face groups again.

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