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The Hope Social: Entertainingly Random and Proud of it

Our Hope Social sessions tend to be entertainingly random and today's was no exception. We went from the scary things people used to do with asbestos (including putting it in gas masks), chemicals and other dodgy substances in the workplace before health and safety intervened, to lateral flow tests, Lincolnshire history, malfunctioning technology and of course the inevitable mention of archery because Mick was in the Zoom room.

We learned that if you worked with pigments at local factories, then you are qualified to successfully argue that black is white and that neither is a real colour. We also learned that Gainsborough was the capital of England and Denmark for 5 weeks in the 11th century and, last but not least, everyone else learned that I have no life and spend far too much time watching TV. But I triumphed in the quiz after several weeks of mediocrity, so I don't care!

If you like random and entertaining, join us next week for the Hope Social, Wednesday, 11am, on Zoom.

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