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Hope Street Trust

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475,000 reasons and counting

How the Hope Street Trust has made a difference 

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Who We Are

The Hope Street Trust is a registered charity, established in 2011 by volunteers who worked with the award-winning Hope Specialist Falls and Respiratory Service in Grimsby. The charity board of trustees consists of volunteers and staff members.


The charity will be closing down in 2023, as Care Plus Group, of which the Hope Specialist Service is a part, would prefer that the activities, which our charity has successfully carried out to support their service for the last twelve years, are done under the banner of their charity (Care Plus Group Charitable Trust) going forward. Supporting the service is our reason for existing, and as we will no longer be able to do that, the trustees have made the decision to close the charity. 

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the charity and helped us to improvement the experience of so many falls and respiratory patients.

We have supported the Hope Specialist Service in a variety of ways during the last twelve years, raising more than £475,000 to invest in improving the patient experience.

The Hope Street Trust charity will be closing down soon. If you wish to contact the Hope Specialist Falls & Respiratory Service, please call the number below.

Val Waterhouse Centre
41-43 Kent Street, Grimsby, DN32 7DH


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