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Hope History Club goes back to childhood

Our first Hope History Club meeting of 2022 will be on Wednesday 19th January, 2-4pm. Meetings will remain on Zoom for the time being. The Zoom link will be sent out to those who have previously attended a day or two before the meeting. If you haven't joined us before but would like to, please get in touch.

This month we'll be talking about all aspects of childhood, so that should give us plenty to go at, whether it's schooldays, sibling rivalry, family holidays, or the things kids got up to in the days when you could count the number of TV channels on a couple of fingers and handheld electronic devices were more likely to be seen on sci-fi shows.

We've provisionally booked in meeting dates for the rest of the year, which are as follows (all Wednesday, 2-4pm):

23rd February 23rd March 27th April 25th May 29th June 20th July 31st August 28th September 26th October 30th November

We hope you can join us and share your stories.

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