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How Hope's Social Groups and Exercise Classes Keep Your Brain Healthy

Celebrating the Jubilee at Immingham Luncheon Club

As you probably know, as well as all of the clinical work the Hope Specialist Service does with patients, we also have our social groups and exercise classes, both at the Val Waterhouse Centre and out in the community. We believe they're very important to improving and maintaining long-term mental and physical health and wellbeing.

On Radio 4 this morning, there was a report on research that has been done into social isolation being linked to lower brain volume and the increased risk of Dementia and the top three tips for maintaining good brain health were:

1. Regular social contact with others 2. Staying physically active 3. Staying sharp (learning new skills)

Each in their own way, our Rehab plus sessions, chair-based exercise, Tai Chi, arts and

crafts, Hope Choir, History Club, Piscatorial Codgers, Hope Social and luncheon clubs are all helping a lot of people to keep their brains (and their bodies) healthy. As well as benefiting individuals and reducing the risk of Dementia, when people stay healthier for longer, there is also the knock-on effect of reducing the burden on already stretched health and social care services.

For more tips on keeping your brain healthy, check out Alzheimer's Research UK's simple steps to better brain health.

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