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The Hope Times Springs Back!

The Hope Times is back with its first edition of 2022. In a packed 36 page Spring extravaganza (I might be getting slightly carried away), we catch up with what's been going on in the world of Hope as we endeavour to establish a new kind of normal, a combination of what we did pre-pandemic and all the things we have learned whilst facing up to the challenges of the last two years.

As well as all the current news, there's a healthy dose of nostalgia, including a 6 page pictorial celebration of our amazing Hope volunteers, a heart-warming tale written by our much-missed friend Jim Finney and the story of the time a well-known war artist came to Grimsby in 1940.

Last but not least, as a tribute to our quizmaster extraordinaire Jim, we've got even more quizzes than ever - enjoy.

Hope Newsletter Edition 13
Download PDF • 5.37MB

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